Dendrobium Roots: 5 Impressive Tips for Healthy Orchids

Dendrobiums are the 2nd largest genus in the orchid family with over 1,400 cataloged species. These orchids grow in a vast array of conditions: monsoons, tropical rainforest, to cool and drier climates. They have so many differences between the species that it’s almost impossible to write a general care and culture guide for them. Besides the fact that they are light-loving orchids, there is one thing that you can guarantee for having good growth on your Dendrobium orchid—ensuring good roots.
What ensures healthy Dendrobium roots?
To have healthy dendrobium roots, one must guarantee 5 conditions are met: (1) the Dendrobium orchid needs to be rootbound, (2) potted in a high-drainage medium, (3) be free of pests and insects, (4) receive sufficient water, and (5) have all dead roots removed.
Let’s look at those items one by one.