Orchideria is all about nature and learning.

Hi! I’m Amanda Matthews, the person behind Orchideria.

I’ve made it my goal at Orchideria to provide solid research in orchid care. My objective is to provide a useful resource of free information about orchids and terrariums which could also promote peace. Working with nature cures the soul.

This educational website is an online guide full of in-depth tutorials, articles, and explanations that teach you how to care for your orchids. My mission at Orchideria is to connect you with nature so you can find harmony and serenity.

Once your orchid is healthy, learn how to craft it into an exotic floral design or create a unique terrarium.

 Contrary to what many people say, orchid care is easy!

The only difference in successfully growing orchids or slowly watching them die them is information. At Orchideria you can find guides, care sheets, downloadable content and much more… The best part about working with orchids and terrariums is taking the accumulated stress off life, as you tend to the roots, leaves, and substrate.

Even if you’ve never owned an orchid before, with our easy-to-follow tutorials at Orchideria, you’ll discover that they are a breeze to take care of. Plus, you’ll discover a hobby that not only will soothe your soul, but can be quite profitable, too.

There’s a massive quantity of topics that I could write about orchid care and cultivation.

What’s the best substrate or potting mix for your orchid?

Which is better: sphagnum moss, fir bark, pine, charcoal, soil, or leca pebbles?

How do I water and how much water do I use?

How do I water a terrarium?

To facilitate your search, I’ve divided this site into categories on the LEARN PAGE, in the top menu. Below are some of the most recent articles from our site. You can also find videos on the YOUTUBE PAGE.  If you want to get in touch, but don’t want to leave a comment publicly, you can find a way through my CONTACT PAGE.

I’m also present on social media through INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and PINTEREST. The best part of this website is the people we met along the way and the stories we share. So please get in touch.

How To Use This Website

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My YouTube Channel Is Now 1 Year Old!

Below are two YouTube videos from my channel. You can either watch them right here, which might take a bit to load, or on the YouTube platform. If you’d like a list of al the videos that have been launched, you can click the YouTube button at the top of each page.
https://www.youtube.com/embed/7WuPPpIaEIM https://www.youtube.com/embed/p5-xwo3Svb0

About the Author

Once back home in the USA, I spent my free time recreating a cozy place for my orchids. I had to relearn everything I once knew about orchid care, since now I was facing harsh winters in Kansas and incredibly hot summers.

This website was the by-product of extensive research on how to recreate that environment inside my home.

By no means do I consider myself an expert but I’m an avid learner and willing to share the little I know with others. There are thousands of different ways to care for orchids, and the more we share, the more we learn.

What started out as a hobby has now grown into a passion, producing an online resource of quality information on how to connect with nature.

If you’d like to see the uncommon story of my life and how I ended up overseas in the first place, check out my AUTHOR PAGE. In all, I wish you the very best in your orchid care! Happy Cultivating!

New Books In Orchid Care!

I’ve just launched my second book, Orchid Journey NOTEBOOK!
So now you have 2 uniquely-styled trackers to aid your journey in orchid care. Click here for more information.