Amanda Matthews with 5 fertilizers


I’ve invested endless hours to research content and make better articles, books, notebooks, excel sheets, and videos for you… yet that isn’t easy or free for me. I do all this for a love for orchids and I want to spare others of the frustrations I’ve dealt with as a beginner. That is motive behind this website.

Come to find out, maintaining a website and producing videos is quite costly–not to mention the orchids themselves. Soon after I started this website, I realized that I’d have to at least break even financially. So I set up a few ways for this website to be monetized (Affiliate Links, ads, and my books on Amazon).

For every 1,000 visitors on my website, I get to add an extra spoon-full of whipped cream to my coffee. For that, I am grateful.

Some people have reached out to me privately and have asked for a more direct way to offer their support. I’m awkwardly honored because I never thought this would happen. Yet, I couldn’t back down because as a single mother of 2 adolescents, every dollar helps. You can see my author page to find out a little about me and my life’s story.

If you’d like to support me in any way, I’ve included this donations page. The only way I know how to add this, is to include my PayPal contact, which is Amanda Matthews:

I won’t suggest an amount, but sometimes it’s hard to know what other people are donating to be included in the group (as in not too much or too little). So far, the donations have been around, US$ 1.00, US$ 3.00, and US$ 5.00. Any value is more than appreciated and can contribute that I keep this website up and running for a longer time.I appreciate your support. It means a lot to me. Thank you!