Fertilization Guide

Orchid Fertilization Guide

A Free Guide to Provide the Right Nutrients for Your Orchid

Everything you wanted to know about fertilizing orchids in a simple, straightforward guide. With so many brand names, it’s hard to choose which fertilizer is the best. In this guide, we’ll show you how to select a top quality fertilizer that is available in your area.

Each orchid has a period of growth, flower production, stem development, and some even have dormancy periods. Learn how to use special fertilizers for each cycle. Clear signs of what to look for and how to know if your orchid is getting too much or not enough of each macro and micro mineral, along with easy to follow advice.

And many extras… Ever wonder if Epsom Salt is good for orchids? What about Magnesium or Iron Supplements? In this guide, you’ll learn about the different micro and macro minerals that aid your orchid growth. With one clickOpens in a new tab., this guide can be yours.

Making Orchid Fertilization Fun

14 pages of fun-filled, hand-drawn images for relaxation
Color While You Learn

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