To maintain your orchid healthy and build long-lasting terrariums, you’ll need good garden supplies.  I’ve elaborated a list of resources that I use and recommend. To not make this site “spammy” and look like I’m selling you products to make a profit (which I’m not,) I’ve added this page to the side, not including them in all the articles I write.

 This website is free and I plan to keep it that way.

I stay up to all hours of the night making the best quality tutorials I can for you. This is powered by coffee, of course. Many mugs of macchiato, latte, and espresso. Living in Brazil for much more than two decades made this addiction possible. There are countless hours, more than thousands, that have gone into producing these videos, podcasts, tutorials, and pictures – all to post on Orchideria.

It’s not easy, and certainly not free to me.
Online editing, web-design, editing, and video producing all require tons of work – and money.

In order to keep my website free and not charge a membership fee (or beg for donations,) I’ve included affiliate links and adds, to no extra cost to you.
How does this work?

I’ve reached out to some of the companies and suggested a small commission if  you buy their product on their site within 24 hours after reading about it on my website and clicking on the link. You’ll notice those hyperlinks because I’ve placed them inside parenthesis like this (Affiliate Link) with the words Affiliate Link behind the product name.

This pays for an extra cup of latte for me, and is to no extra charge to you.  I do appreciate all the extra coffee I can get, so… Thank you!

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I want to provide you with the best information for free. I also want you to work with good materials. When I recommend a product or a name brand, it is because I believe in the quality of that product.

Orchids are not cheap, and neither are terrariums.

The worst way to start off with the wrong foot forward, is spending a lot of money on products that are sub-par. Your orchid will suffer, and you’ll fall into the category of orchid-haters. The is the exact opposite of what I’d want.

So, naturally, I indicate which are the best options available on the market.

Some readers might think that I’m persuaded to suggest a product that is inferior since I get money from it. That will never happen. First, I’m not paid to build this site or recommend products. I have a name to honor, and won’t smudge our reputation for any monetary quantity, big or small.

Also, I want you to have a positive experience with orchids, not a negative one. So I won’t suggest products that do not fit my standards of quality. When I suggest a product, it’s because I’ve tested it personally and know it works.

Why did I say all this? Because I’m upfront about what I do. That’s just how I operate at Orchideria. If you want more information, please read our privacy policy and terms& conditions pages in the bottom footer.

The products above are divided into articles by subject. If you work with a potting medium or have a special grow light that you recommend, please leave the suggestion in the comment section at the end of each article and I’ll check it out.

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